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Shower/Bachelorette Ideas

Last year, I helped throw a bachelorette for my friend and we decorated with a lot of silver and pink.

It looked great!  Big pink hydrangea flower arrangements in silver vases, sushi served on silver trays, chopsticks in silver budvases, silver forks, and big peony paper cutouts and napkins everywhere.  See photo below:


I’ve come across a few other great ideas if you want to use this as a decor idea for a party:

-I love the idea of flowers in a silver teapot at a shower!


– Coppola makes a sparking white wine named after daughter Sofia that is so pretty! It comes in a pretty bottle wrapped in pink cellophane OR in 4-packs of individual serving cans.  I love love love these cans and keep them in our fridge at all times. Let me tell you, the sparkling wine is fairly good quality and comes with a deluxe sipping bendy-straw with rounded edges (so you won’t cut your tongue on the end).


-Coppola also makes a Sofia rose wine, which I don’t like as much but that could be because I don’t much like rose. It’s very pretty too:


-I saw this in Martha Stewart Weddings and thought it looked so cute: Cupcakes in teacups! How neat would it look to mix & match teacup patterns on a tabletop?



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Here’s the thing: I’m having a wedding in August, but it’s only one of about ten weddings that I conceived of in my head over the years… Happy to let them go, but I do have a few ideas to pass along.

Here are some ideas I love for a winter wedding, which I am not having:

A tartan runner! How pretty is that?  If you had a tartan runner, you’d need very little else in terms of decor. It looks so festive.


This is my dream winter wedding dress with dream winter bouquet. I love the long sleeved dress with the square neckline. I love the gloves!  I love the giant fir boughs and the way the bouquet spills out in two directions. Gorgeous!


This seemed like a great idea for bridesmaids in winter. I love how it looks. These skirts look lovely, and everyone will wear a white shirt like this again.


For a creamy winter treat, I’d get a croquembouche wedding cake from Payard patisserie in NYC!

Ahhh… the snow, the pine smell, the long-sleeved wedding dress. Adieu dream winter wedding!

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Wedding as Consumer Training

Maybe it’s that I have two gianormous papers to write so I’m in a bit of a mood, but this post is going to discuss one of my suspicions about this whole wedding process… Please excuse the negativity by looking at these lovely illustrations from Bonnie’s Style Press.


I’ve discovered that a lot of wedding magazines have ads or sections in them devoted to setting up your house. They kind of implicate that a part of the whole wedding/registry process is to do a complete overhaul of your living quarters. Now, this is likely because many brides move in with their grooms after the wedding, and need to buy house stuff. But more and more of my friends are living with people already, way before they even get engaged!

So, I’ve developed a theory: The American Wedding As Consumer Upgrade Training. Let me explain:

When you’re planning the wedding, you’re confronted with things that likely cost more than they have ever cost before. Have you ever bought a dress as expensive as your wedding dress? Or flowers as expensive as your table arrangements? And what about the nicer, fancier housewares you ask for in your registry?

All in all, the wedding signals an “upgrade” if you will. And it seems to me that many vendors use this opportunity to move you from one buyer column to another, richer one. This also goes hand-in-hand with the idea that many women are marrying someone with more disposable income than they have (Forgive the anti-feminist assumption, but the average woman still earns less than the average man and marries someone who has been in the workforce longer, so this assumption is based on cold, hard, glass-ceilinged fact.). She will now be spending more money than she used to on clothes, decor, food, etc…


I can see it already, and it makes some sense:

  • You get the hair stylist to make a housecall for your wedding, and decide to buy the same service a year later for a fancy party updo.
  • You pay for lovely flowers on each table, and decide that lovely flowers delivered weekly to your home wouldn’t be so bad either.
  • You pay thousands of dollars for a wedding dress, so next year’s more versatile designer little black dress doesn’t seem so expensive.

I don’t want to sound harsh, because it’s smart business to try and gain life customers from wedding consumers. If I ran a store, I would do the same thing.

But it does make me look at ads like the new Bloomingdale’s “The New Rules of the Registry” ad campaign with a grain of salt.


From the NY Times: “We have this contemporary sensibility, co-existing with luxury goods,” Ms. Hare says, referring to the store’s brand identity, and can offer style-focused merchandise that extends beyond conventional wedding-gift categories into areas like luggage, furniture and mattresses.

And it’s not just upscale living – Target Club Wedd tries to extend the brand loyalty through their section of their “Club Wedd” website on “Newlywed Living” – It focuses on hosting parties in your new home…


All in all, the stores are trying to get you to sign on to a lifetime of customer loyalty, extending WAY beyond your wedding day.

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Mix and Match Bridesmaids

I’ve gotten really into the idea of mixing and matching bridesmaid dresses from different stores. I’ve got 10 bridesmaids, so it definitely could get a tad overwhelming to have everyone in the same dress!

Here are some mix and match bridesmaid looks I concocted from what’s out there right now:

Brown and Pink: the fabrics are very different, but the dresses are similar in style and both have the espresso brown.


(left: “Maritimes” dress from Anthropologie, right: “Camilla” dress from J. Crew)

Yellow and White: These dresses are different styles and patterns, but all share a tropical feel and lemony color!



(top left: Lilly Pulitzer, top right: Talbots, bottom left: Diane von Furstenberg, bottom right: Tibi)

Take a Pattern and Run With It: I love the floral pattern of this Vera Wang dress, so I found a few other dresses in complimentary colors!



(top left: Vera Wang, top right: “Karen” from Ann Taylor Celebrations, bottom left: Kay Unger, bottom right: “Julian” by Tahari)

Wintry Metallics: There are tons of cute metallic dresses out there. These two both have a mod cut to create a unified look:


(left: Lilly Pulitzer, right: Ann Taylor)

Of course, the mix and match comes with one HUGE caveat: Check the dresses out in person! You don’t want to have slight color differences that make everything clash. A picture can only show so much.

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Wedding Blog Award

Nothing like accolades to get you blogging…


We’ve won “Best New Wedding Blog” from Wedding Blog Awards! This is tres exciting! To see the other award-winning blogs on the site, click here.

p.s. To give credit where credit is due, I want to put in a “thank you” to my friend C, who took the picture that’s our bannerhead!

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Here’s a sneak peek of Laurie’s wedding dress search on “Real Housewives of Orange County” at Socialiteslife.com:


I love how she says that the guy from Project Runway is “designing dresses” now, and then it turns out he’s just picking out other people’s wedding dresses at Saks! Hilarious!

Also, odd that her daughter has to nominate herself as maid of honor. Just ask your daughter!!

(UPDATE: Retraction. Thanks for the comment from An Excited Bride (a fellow law student!). After some research it appears that Austin Scarlett (guy from Project Runway) is actually designing for Kenneth Pool bridal. See his bio here.)

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We got our Christmas tree yesterday! It’s a really fragrant fraser fir, and I absolutely adore it. My fiance’s decided it’s a “she,” and says stuff like “She’s leaning a bit to the left.”

christmas.jpg (a nice Martha Stewart tree)

One thing that hits you when you move in together and decide to commit to spending every Christmas together is that your Christmas ornament collecting years have begun. Sure, I have some ornaments that are “mine” at my parents’ house, but I don’t think I get to snatch them from the family ornament box and claim them as my own now. We have to start fresh!
So, we officially have three ornaments. That’s up two from last year. They are featured front and center on a tree that is otherwise decorated with silver ball ornaments and gingerbread men. It’s a slow process, but kind of romantic when you envision all the individual stories that will ultimately lead to a tree full of our Christmas ornaments!

I think ornaments are a great idea for gifts if you have a bridal shower around the holidays…or any time of year! If you can register for them, do it!

One of my college friends had a tear-jerking exchange with her mother at her bridal shower. Her mom had handmade an entire tin of Christmas ornaments for the engaged pair. My friend got a lot of great gifts at her shower, but the homemade ornaments made by her mother as “starter ornaments” for her new family were the most loved present by a long shot.

So happy holidays to every reader who finds themselves in the situation of only having a handful of ornaments! In time, you’ll have so many that you won’t be able to even fit them on the tree!


I love the look of these old mercury glass ornaments from the 1950s. Especially the birds you can clip onto branches!

p.s. Some good ideas for decorating a tree when you don’t have many ornaments:

  • Go natural! This year, I made gingerbread men and hung them with ribbons. Some people candy slices of orange. Others make popcorn and cranberry garlands. It always looks nice. Just make sure you don’t attract vermin. Gross!
  • Get a length of really nice ribbon (tartan looks pretty) and tie bows on the branches
  • Make paper snowflake cut outs and hang them.
  • This is your chance to go with a “theme” tree before you accumulate a ton of ornaments. Be creative!
  • Try funky lights – maybe shapes, or those retro bubbler lights. Something that looks tacky on a crowded tree can be charming alone.

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