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Invitation Proof Puzzlers


Our invitation proof arrived today, and it reminds me of something I’ve been wanting to ask:

How many people’s parents are listed as, “Mr. and Mrs. John D. Smith” on the invitations? My parents are, but only because my (very feminist) mom is flexible and chill with whatever we picked.  The only other option I liked was to name them casually (“John and Cindy Smith”) but that went against all the rest of the wording of the invitation!

This gets even stickier when your mother is a doctor, minister, judge or any profession with a specialized title.  You can’t write “Mr. and Dr. John Smith” if Cindy Smith is the M.D.!

As a feminist, I’m hoping that over the next decade or so, someone comes up with a much easier way of wording these invitations.  I already know it’s going to be different for my kids, because I’m keeping my name anyway!


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Happy New Year!


I know at least two of my friends got engaged over the holidays, so I’m guessing that there are more than a few newly engaged people out there. Congratulations!

This vacation was registry mania for me – We augmented the one we already had, and set up two others. The winner out of the gate so far is Michael C. Fina.


I strongly recommend it to any brides in the tri-state area (or beyond: their website is really comprehensive, but the only store is on 5th Avenue in NYC). Michael C. Fina has an amazing array of china patterns (casual and fine) and really fantastic customer service.


One really great feature that Michael C. Fina offers is the “Consolidated Wedding Registry.”  Basically, they don’t ship you any of your gifts until after your wedding.  This is perfect for people like me, who are moving shortly after their wedding. Now we can just have everything shipped directly to our new place.

If anyone else has unbiased registry feedback, feel free to post a comment!

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