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This is a great idea…

Wishpot is a user-friendly site where you can create a custom-made registry without sticking to one store.  You can also share neat ideas, design concepts, etc…  All in all, a really cool website!
I’m one of their “Wedding Experts” and you can see a few of the collections I’ve put together by clicking here.


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Well, this has got to be the most idiotic concept I’ve seen in a long time:

Topless flip-flops!

Apparently these sandals have some sort of adhesive on the top of them that sticks to the bottom of your foot.

It’s flip-flops without the flipping (or the flopping, for that matter)!

The genius who drummed these beauties up wanted a sandal that wouldn’t leave tan-lines on the tops of people’s feet.

Fellow brides: I know we’re all doing our best to avoid bathing suit lines this summer. I’m all for buying a bandeau top bikini, even if it’s not the most flattering style. BUT THIS IS WHERE I DRAW THE LINE (no pun intended)…

Do you want to look like some sort of dimwit? Get the flip-flop tan and flaunt it with pride on your wedding day.

One day of perfect tootsies is not worth a summer of humiliation.

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After catching the Sex and the City Movie this past weekend, I’ve decided that Charlotte wins for best wedding dress look of the show (for her second-time-around style when she married Harry)!

What’s your opinion?

Carrie in Vivienne Westwood haute couture:

Miranda in her lowkey, mature burgundy velvet suit:

Charlotte’s big princess dress from her wedding to Trey:

Charlotte’s delicate, feminine dress from her wedding to Harry (my favorite!):

Too bad we never got to see what a Samantha wedding would look like. I bet it would have looked totally slinky and like none of the ones above.

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