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I just found this picture of Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag from “The Hills” at today’s Kentucky Derby and…

…I think he’s wearing our groomsmen tie! Nooooooooo! Gross!!

We’re doing tri-colored (pink, green, blue) bridesmaid dresses and ties, and this appears to be the Glen Plaid Stripe tie from Brooks Brothers.

This is very bad. Spencer sux!


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Jenna Bush is getting married very soon, on May 10th to be precise. The New York Times published an interesting article discussing Jenna’s decision to have a “small” 200 guest wedding at her family’s ranch in TX over a sumptuous White House affair. See article here:


Here’s the picture sketch of Jenna’s fourteen gradiated color bridesmaid dresses by Lela Rose:

This is the extremely high-end version of my own multi-colored bridesmaid wedding. Glad to see it’s in style this season!

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Has anyone else caught this absolutely delightful movie? It’s out in theaters now, starring Frances McDormand and Amy Adams. The film is set on the eve of WWII in London, and has the best costumes!

I’m not sure how far you’d want to go, but it would be great to get some late 1930s-early 1940s glamour into a wedding dress/bridesmaid dresses! Here are a few ideas:

J. Crew Mimi T-Shirt Dress (back):

Claire Pettibone Cloisonne dress:

Hollywould Susanna D’Orsay peeptoe:

Even if it’s not your style, this movie is such fun. It would make a great bridesmaids outing or mother/daughter night out!

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Crazy About Cameos

I’ve been considering wearing some sort of cameo jewelry with my wedding dress. Granted, cameos have something of an air of a grandma about them, but they also have an elegance that I think could be quite nice for a wedding so long as you didn’t overdo it on the rest of the jewelry.

Wedgwood blue cameo necklace or earrings could be a great “something blue.”

I snooped around for antique cameos on eBay, and here are some of the more promising results:

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This dress is currently available at the Gap for $69.50! Cotton/silk blend! Wouldn’t it make a great bridesmaid dress?


This one from David’s Bridal is quite similar (comes in blue too), but I don’t like it as much. And at $135, it’s twice as expensive!


Also compare this Priscilla of Boston dress, in black and white (it also comes in blue). Not sure how much it costs, but I’d imagine it’s the most expensive!


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New Talbots Bridesmaids

Talbots has unveiled a line of silk dupioni dresses that can best be characterized as bridesmaid dresses!


I like this shorter dress version. They come in some nice colors…


Prices start at $178, and you can see long and short styles.

Also available is this bolero jacket to wear on top:


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To match or not to match?


While a lot of wedding planning brouhaha falls on the bride/bridesmaid/mother of the bride side of the equation, there are certain arena where us ladies have it easy.

For example, the bride wears a wedding dress that doesn’t have to match the bridesmaids exactly, or closely, or even at all!

But the GROOM is usually in an exact or very close replication of what all the groomsmen wear.  This is creating a big question for us:

Since we aren’t doing tuxedos, does the groom have to wear the same suit as all his groomsmen?  Especially if they are all in khaki?


Answers appreciated…

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