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A wedding gift arrived today: the Williams-Sonoma Popover Pan!

For any reader who’s ever had popovers, you know that these eggy baked concoctions are pure heaven on earth. I did a little jig when I saw what was inside the box (which I’ll get to later), and immediately whipped up some popover batter.


I’d made popovers tons of times before in muffin tins, but this pan lets you make them on a whole other level. They are super-easy to prepare, and they come out absolutely, magazine-quality perfect. This would really wow a group of houseguests or just be a fantastic weekend surprise!

Check out my popovers (the only two left since we pounced the minute they came out of the oven. These are the runts of the litter!):

My only gripe is a broader one about Williams-Sonoma: Everything arrives in massive boxes with tons of interior packaging and foam peanuts. I realize that they have to make sure things arrive in one piece, but the size of some of these boxes has been utterly ridiculous.

Here is a photo of all the packaging that came with this single, relatively small popover pan:

It looks absurd, right?!?

So get thee to a Williams-Sonoma store and buy thyself a popover pan… without the surplus packing!


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Shower/Bachelorette Ideas

Last year, I helped throw a bachelorette for my friend and we decorated with a lot of silver and pink.

It looked great!  Big pink hydrangea flower arrangements in silver vases, sushi served on silver trays, chopsticks in silver budvases, silver forks, and big peony paper cutouts and napkins everywhere.  See photo below:


I’ve come across a few other great ideas if you want to use this as a decor idea for a party:

-I love the idea of flowers in a silver teapot at a shower!


– Coppola makes a sparking white wine named after daughter Sofia that is so pretty! It comes in a pretty bottle wrapped in pink cellophane OR in 4-packs of individual serving cans.  I love love love these cans and keep them in our fridge at all times. Let me tell you, the sparkling wine is fairly good quality and comes with a deluxe sipping bendy-straw with rounded edges (so you won’t cut your tongue on the end).


-Coppola also makes a Sofia rose wine, which I don’t like as much but that could be because I don’t much like rose. It’s very pretty too:


-I saw this in Martha Stewart Weddings and thought it looked so cute: Cupcakes in teacups! How neat would it look to mix & match teacup patterns on a tabletop?


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Here’s the thing: I’m having a wedding in August, but it’s only one of about ten weddings that I conceived of in my head over the years… Happy to let them go, but I do have a few ideas to pass along.

Here are some ideas I love for a winter wedding, which I am not having:

A tartan runner! How pretty is that?  If you had a tartan runner, you’d need very little else in terms of decor. It looks so festive.


This is my dream winter wedding dress with dream winter bouquet. I love the long sleeved dress with the square neckline. I love the gloves!  I love the giant fir boughs and the way the bouquet spills out in two directions. Gorgeous!


This seemed like a great idea for bridesmaids in winter. I love how it looks. These skirts look lovely, and everyone will wear a white shirt like this again.


For a creamy winter treat, I’d get a croquembouche wedding cake from Payard patisserie in NYC!

Ahhh… the snow, the pine smell, the long-sleeved wedding dress. Adieu dream winter wedding!

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There are three food flavors in this world that I really don’t like: mustard, fennel and eggplant (with eggplant, it’s more of a consistency thing).

We just got the proposal menu from the caterer and all three ingredients play a role in the heretofore unnamed hors d’ouvres. Fennel shows up twice!


Uh-uh – no way.

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