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There’s a great article critiquing the waning tendency to RSVP in today’s NY Times Style section.  Check it out here.

From everything I’ve heard from people who’ve been through this before, people apparently will not RSVP to your wedding. This seems totally shocking, but I think this article sheds some light on why it happens.


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Invitation Proof Puzzlers


Our invitation proof arrived today, and it reminds me of something I’ve been wanting to ask:

How many people’s parents are listed as, “Mr. and Mrs. John D. Smith” on the invitations? My parents are, but only because my (very feminist) mom is flexible and chill with whatever we picked.  The only other option I liked was to name them casually (“John and Cindy Smith”) but that went against all the rest of the wording of the invitation!

This gets even stickier when your mother is a doctor, minister, judge or any profession with a specialized title.  You can’t write “Mr. and Dr. John Smith” if Cindy Smith is the M.D.!

As a feminist, I’m hoping that over the next decade or so, someone comes up with a much easier way of wording these invitations.  I already know it’s going to be different for my kids, because I’m keeping my name anyway!

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Thank you N!

Here are a whole bunch of fun wedding things from my friend (let’s just call her “N”)…

First of all, a photo of the ludicrous invitations that Laurie on “Real Housewives of Orange County” was looking at in the last episode. Are you kidding me? It’s like a SHOEBOX full of paper!!


Second, a really cute website of a wedding videography company. I’ve personally elected not to do a video of my wedding, but if I was going to, this company looks really good – and how gorgeous is the featured bride in the “Screening Room” sample video?:


Finally, N has a friend who has achieved mass commercial success with her handmade photo albums and address books. They are totally preppy and totally cute!  Featured in InStyle Weddings and Martha Stewart! Check them out here:



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We got our rehearsal dinner invitations over Thanksgiving break!

Knock another thing off the to-do list. They are very nice and will look different enough from the wedding invitation, since we decided not to stick to a “theme” for all the mailings.

When my fiance, his mother, and I were looking around at invitations, I realized something:

With all the florals, ribbons, frosting, bows, lace, etc… how do ensure that there’s enough manliness in a wedding to acknowledge that AT LEAST one of the people getting married is not a 16 year-old girl?

The reason this came up is that his mother and I really liked several invitations that had very girly, flowery designs. She actually singled one out with giant pink flowers. The all-knowing stationer immediately said, “No” so that my fiance didn’t have to.  When we came across our very non-girly rehearsal dinner invitations, he immediately stated, “I like those,” which I took to mean something since, in his normal life, he doesn’t comment on stationery at all.

Here are some pictures of invitations that seem a little too girly if you ask me:


This one has a bling-bling buckle! Like a bachelorette pilgrim!


This one has a pop-up wedding dress. Groom? What groom?


This one has a floral pattern that looks like an old lady’s couch!

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Envelope Woes

Envelopes, envelopes everywhere…but not a drop to drink.

(I’m being somewhat liberal with my poetry quotations)


This is the kind of crazy, drawn-out story about small issues that arise when you do somewhat bizarre wedding-ish things, such as save-the-date cards.

A really generous Virginia friend who is an AMAZING graphic designer has offered to whip up a save-the-date holiday card for us to send out in a month or so. Thank you!
The “photo shoot” was last week (the glam photographer was my fiance’s old roommate and all we did was run around the neighborhood posing in front of every green shrub we could find). The photos came out well, and it should be really cute.

Well – since the card will be a photo card, I had to find envelopes that would fit a 4×6 photo. Apparently this is an impossible task. The problem is the “4” (not the “6”). Most envelopes are not tall enough! Greeting card envelopes are, but who sells loose greeting card envelopes without the greeting cards?

Office Depot, my savior, happened to have just put out their holiday printing display case. There on the bottom shelf, lying in a manger, I found laser-printer ready “greeting card envelopes” after hitting up 3 other stores in search of a taller envelope! Here they are:


Beautiful, I know.

Considering that I followed this envelope hunt with delivering a mock opening statement in a real-life Federal courthouse, I am ashamed to admit that the envelope hunt was both more difficult and more rewarding.

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